Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're boring...and annoying!

After dinner, Michael and I were talking about cleaning the kitchen cabinets.
A 20 minute discussion on the best way to clean the cabinets.

He stops and looks at me, "Holy gods, are we boring?"
I froze.."Shit! We ARE boring! We're so boring my hair hurts!"

I think Michael's vacation days are starting to wear on us. 24/7 of..well..US.
Michael and I have been together for 13 years (!). We spend a LOT of time together, when he isn't at work. We like each other. Our differences knock the other out of their comfort zone, and yet we've got each other for a bit of safety net. We're disgustingly hand-holdy and kissyface.
Still...24/7 of anyone. I don't even want to be around ME that much.

I was cleaning our bedroom last night...Michael gathering trash for pickup day.
Michael: What do you do with all the lids from the bottled water?
Me: I lose them.
Michael: How?!
Me: Actually, I'm building a castle in the woods with them. To hide my lover.
Michael: I don't understand how you lose them on the nightstand.
Me: My lover is going to live in the plastic lid castle..and one day..we'll kill you and run away.
Michael: There's no logic.. the nightstand is RIGHT THERE.
Me: Is it still a nightstand in the morning? :D
Michael: exits, while muttering "Oh ..Jesus".

*I edited the sweet, loving part where I told him I was saving bottle lids to stuff them in a body part of his.

We agreed the last 5 days of his vacation should be spent eating great dinners, taking the dogs to the parks in our area and watching movies. No more home repair.

We're heading to a "new" park. I went there years ago..as a teenager..when I was still an Innocent *sniffle*.
To drink with my supercool boyfriend and his band...heh. We would pack up the cooler with cheap beer and spend an evening at the overlook.

Now, I'm packing a husband and 3 dogs..and poop bags. Annnd homemade organic dog biscuits.
I'm really ok with that.


Jennifer said...

HEY, there is nothging wrong with being 'boring' ;) Boring is fun. I must be boring too. . .how many times have we been on the phone debating the best cleaning product? lol

Ooooh, park visit, hiking. Have fun! :)

~Momster said...

Impossible!!!...that you're boring and annoying.

Have a great time at the park!!

~Momster said...

Tag! You're IT! See my UN-spectacular blog post. :)

Please don't hate me.

~Momster said...

Pssst...now I'm bugging the crap outta ya with messages...check your yuku messages, k?

Kthnxbai. ;)

Sam said...

Jen...sugarpie..boring is not fun. That's why it's called boring..heh!

B- email, woman! It's the wave of the future! :D
I'm much easier to contact via email or messenger. Yuku hates me and doesn't tell me I have messages half the damned time!