Friday, August 8, 2008

Is it...fall in WV?!

My toes are chilly? What the hell??? Our temp tonight will be 50 degrees. In August?! Global warming my ass.

Yesterday evening, a storm was coming in....STUNNING skies!

We had a brief, hard shower this morning.
(You know, views like this out my kitchen window...makes up for living like a freaking mountain goat on this hillside !).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nica was yesterday's perfume test.
First sniff:
Freesia was very strong. Never detected musk, which was ok with me.
YUM. Blueberry/tangerine/sandalwood bliss.
Liked it very much. Not "buy a $150 bottle" liked it, but "wanna buy another sample" liked it.


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Jennifer said...

I think the clouds are cooler in WV. :)