Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paint, odd sky and Buddha

I starting painting our spare room this morning...Michael's *stuff* room/the cats' room/etc.
I let Michael pick the color.
Of course.
It's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Softer...a Martha Stewart-ish hue.
Should be ok.
If left up to Michael, it would get painted in 2103, so I jumped in and went at it.

The color looks good on Voodoo's tail. *sigh*
Very pretty sky this morning, but odd.
Wish I had taken a few minutes to fool with the settings, but I was in a rush.
Picked up a birthday gift for my mom. $15 at Walmart. That amused me to NO end.
Buddha don't sell good in WV Walmarts. :D

Works for me, however. $75 at the trendy store where I first found one I wanted (well, my mom wanted).

FINE! Go ahead and pout!
We still aren't stopping for ice cream.

This thing weighed about 7500 pounds, so strapping it in was a safety thing.. and not just amusement. The cargo area of the Vue was full of freaking paint, or the Big B woulda been riding in the back!


~Momster said...

**FINE! Go ahead and pout!
We still aren't stopping for ice cream.**

LOLOL. Crack me the freak up.

I love that morning sky...invasion of the clouds?

Good luck painting. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, THAT'S where you've been hiding all day! ;)

And yeah, Budda in the seat belt cracked me up!

Jess said...

Paint on his tail... LOL. I painted our house a couple weeks ago, and was all kinds of worried about Rowdy getting into it.

I uncapped the bucket, and he gave it a sniff... then snorted it all out, and gave me a look like, "Why would you have THIS stuff around."

They keep our lives interesting. :)

Sunangel said...

The picture of the buddha is hilarious. Love your sky pictures. Have fun painting, wanna come paint my daughter's room