Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lemon buttery goodness for Jen

I'm warped..sick..for posting photos of this pound cake, when Jen won't get any. Even worse, she had to listen to my "oh dear god, it smells wonderful" and "oh my god, it's so buttery". I'm shocked she didn't come through the phone and hurt me.

Please...warm your eggs before making a pound cake. Please.

No. No butter at all. It's practically diet cake.

Cream the butter and sugar carefully.

One. Egg. At. A. Time. Don't dump all 5 eggs in at once. It matters.

Get a book if you have to, but mix slowwwly.

Nope. No butter here. You're mistaken. DIET cake, I tell you.

Lemon glaze, buttery pound cake. Bliss.

I don't like much glaze, these were Michael's slices.
(I ate my slice while the cake was still warm. Patience is not my thing.)


Jennifer said...

Sigh. . . . .I can not believe it myself that I didn't come throttle you. ;) lol

But thanks for sharing the pics. :) I can live vicariously.

~Momster said...

Dude? the recipe??? Yum!

Sam said...

Jen, you're a strong woman..all I can say!

B, I'll type it up and post it this weekend!