Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yay Benadryl!

A stressful week resulted in hives on my chest, neck and cheek.
What.. you don't find bumpy/itchy/inflamed skin the height of sexy?
I am moments from scooting face-down the length of my gravel driveway.

No really.
If not for Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream I might be getting a little crazy.

On a more pleasant note, I saw a ROBIN today. Right after the friggin' snow.

On an even more pleasant note...
I had the dogs out for a good long run this evening. Nothing clears my head like being out with the dogs. Having multiple dogs, I really have to focus on THEM..all the LifeGarbage falls away. I've always been oddly annoyed by the phrase "live in the moment", but as a dog owner I certainly understand it.

Voodoo and Irie did really well walking with the coupler (God bless Ruffwear).
We walked around the property for a long while..just letting them sniff and chose the path.
What the dogs fail to realize? I'm not 2 feet tall.
Duck-walking under blackberry canes is a good workout, though.

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