Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Horde

I share everything in my life with home, my bed, my couch, and in a pinch my $32-a-bottle shampoo.

I cannot remember to take a multivitamin- yet every single day I remember to add vitamin C, fish oil, Missing Link supplements and fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals.

I turned my shiny new car into the Dogmobile... dog seat belts, seat covers that are non-slip/cushioned for your riding pleasure, padded bumpers for the window edge so you don't bruise your delicate selves . My first aid kit is in storage, but the dog first aid kit is there. There are toys, training gear, travel water bowls and water, maps of dog friendly trails and dog friendly parks.

Please consider these things..frankly, just the tip of the What I Do For My Dogs iceberg...when you start barking at 2 am. Every. Single. Night.
It's the same damned owls! Every. Single. Night.
They don't care that you bark. I care.
I feed you.

You see where this is going?

The Management

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