Friday, April 3, 2009

One of "those" recipes..

that strike fear into the heart of a Foodie.

The words "Sweet and tangy tilapia with fresh veggies covered in mozzarella cheese!" scare the hell out of me.
For the same reasoning I love horror flicks, I decided to read the recipe.
It also contains poultry seasoning.
Another of my Worst Nightmares.
-(I like the ingredients of poultry seasoning well enough, it's the obscene amounts of that are slathered on any chicken or turkey by fauxcooks...that's what sends me screaming)

Pile the vegetables in a baking dish, toss on the marinated fish, slather with cheese and bake!
Bake it ON the vegetables, so that weird white cooked fish juice stuff slimes them up.
Nothing like a stringy, cheesy mess on top of all that, hey?

If this is your recipe...or if this is one of your families favorites.. I am sorry for pointing and laughing.

We all have our recipes that make other people cringe and shudder.


~Momster said...

Mmmmmm....slimey fish juices make my tummy ggggrrrruuuummmmmmmmmbbbbbllllleeeeeee. **NOT!** Eek, eek, eek!

So not my kinda recipe either. Where'dya find that bit of scrumptiousness?

Sam said...

B, I'm pretty sure it was on Allrecipes. I kinda blocked it out.

I don't love fish, but Michael and I really cleaned up our eating. I was searching for some fish recipes. *shudder*
Now I just want a Whopper and Cheesy Tots.