Sunday, April 5, 2009

tidbit from Saturday night...

I'm in the shower, long day swirling down the drain. I'm talking myself down from taste-testing the vanilla buttercream body wash (it can't smell that good and taste bad, right?).

Michael pops his head in the door and asks, "Hey honey, how do I get room temperature goat cheese out of Voodoo's tail feathering?".

Sometimes I question my life choices.


LabRat said...

Is not the obvious answer to that question "Irie"?

Also, that's the first coherent word I've ever gotten from the word verificator: "resting". Apparently God is telling me to go get some sleep.

Sam said...

She's a little too exuberant. I'm afraid she wouldn't have stopped when she hit bone.

Michael stuck Voo's tail in the shower and I shampooed it. :D

Jess said...

LOL! You know, the fur kids sure do keep life interesting, don't they?