Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Downfall of Humankind Huh.
Where to start.

I have a not-secret but slightly shameful addiction.

Fashion and chick magazines. InStyle and Cosmo, for example.
I can't afford 99% of the stuff in InStyle, and I have one too many firing neurons for the stuff in Cosmo. None-the-less, I love 'em.

Until now.

If you're sensitive or away now. I may go off.
Yeah, I didn't think anyone would leave.

I just stumbled across an article in Cosmo titled..ahem..:
What His Down-There Grooming Says. Clues to his boyfriend potential.

Yes, I did so say that. His down-there grooming.
Because we aren't grown uppy enough to say pubic hair.

Anyway, after my initial chortle, I made the mistake of reading the arti-- (which, by the way, have a little HOT icon next to 'em in the index. Just so you know it's gonna be naaaughty!)

I am absolute NOT going to go into detail on the examples of Manscaping (their word!) and how to read 'em.
Because fucking seriously? EW. Ew ew ew ew ew.
Maybe be a tad more concerned about the 3 restraining orders from ex girlfriends. Or how he has his mom's framed swimsuit photo in his underwear drawer.

Or maybe...MAYBE...he's a pretty typical guy..and just does not give a rat's ass about his pubic hair/its message to the world?!

I have impacted wisdom much anything is pissing me off right now...but..EW.

I know. Supposedly funny, and kinda bad grrrl.
Gag. A. Maggot.

This just kinda stuck me in the not-fucking-funnybone.
I know, I know. What did I expect.
Not that, I tell ya.

My heart goes out to any man with.. ah.."totally untamed" pubic hair.
Just ask if the chick reads Cosmo before you get attached. :|

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~Momster said...


Oh man...that's too funny. Clues to his boyfriend potential LIE IN HIS pubic grooming?

Oh dear. Hehehehe. Ummmm...sure.

On another note...frickin' impacted wisdom teeth bite...been there, done that. The only thing that I found to take the edge off is a handful of Aleve (OK...just two!) and at least a six pack. Go for a 12 and you'll be fine for the night (and the swelling will go down for like 12 hours, too!) Have you seen an oral surgeon/dentist yet?