Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chili dogs and bantha skulls..

Hot Dog Shoppe? Let's Roll!

Friday evening, I had the brilliant idea to get a local favorite for dinner..Hot Dog Shoppe.
Fake cheese and mediocre chili combine on a hot dog or french fries to create a culinary masterpiece.
Bliss on a steamed bun...or hand-cut fries.
Yes, I know it's fat and sodium galore..preservatives..yadda yadda.
Do you get the feeling I don't care? :)

Because...we're nerdy like that.

"Ridin' Dirty" for LabRat. *teehee*

Mmmmm..that *hack* Ohio *cough* smell! Waste Technology Industries providing brown, chewy air for us all!

A rare OH moose, surveying his domain from atop the ..Moose Lodge.

Masochist hot dog man...he LIKES getting devoured!

Truly, a sight to behold. Hot Dog Man on Weathervane. You can't tell in the pic, but he's spiked through his middle. And he's grinning. And holding condiments.

Lacey, just for you:



Jennifer said...

OMG the HOT DOGS ON THE PLATE! I'm drooling. lol Expect me over any second. ;)

~Momster said...

'Round here we call those death dogs. Though they are primarily eaten around 2am. (They taste better then, for whatever reason. ;)) I haven't had one of those in years.

By the way, I puppy photo in this latest post??!!??!!

Lacey said...

Ohhhh hotdog shop! I miss you my lovely!! I would love some of those right now I could get chilly and cheese all over my penguin hand! lol