Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Last publish date was September 15th.
Maybe not a bad thing, to step away from blogging for a bit.

Same old, same old here in WV! Except we're in the deathgrip of winter. Joy.
Puppy Irie is 72 pounds, still a baby (brindle Akitagirl). Just a Super Sized baby.
I'm already planning next years garden. Seed/flower catalogs get me through Jan and Feb..the two most delightful months in the Ohio Valley.

Lessee...I had oral surgery in November. FUN!
Ummmm..I have to have a CT scan this coming Friday. SUPERfun!
I am happy to report the barium will be oral.
Not thrilled with the whole concept, but given the alternative methods of barium delivery.........pass the barium shake!

I'll gather my thoughts (ahahahhahahaha!) and post a slightly less "all over the place" blog this afternoon.

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~Momster said...

Whoa...lookee who's back...WB, GF. :) Missed ya. Nice shot of the gang.