Thursday, May 29, 2008

Certain Truths

Here's a few truths about me..most not so pleasant:
-I would rather schedule intensive ob/gyn appointments than paint the trim on my house.
-I am completely OCD about the condition of my house (clean and tidy) bedroom looks like that of a 15 yr old.
-I'm part vulture. I can smell and track down dead things with worrisome speed and accuracy.
-Every year I will purchase $30 worth of SPF 597 sunblock..and it sits in the medicine cabinet.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ow already.

Spring and summer are absolutely my favorite seasons. Swimming, grilling, fires, hikes.
Coffee on the front porch in the morning, watching the fog in the's pretty amazing.
All but the yard work. Now THAT makes me yearn for a city lot.

I'm clearing brush right now..making a spot for the future hens. Their coop with be at edge of the yard/start of the field. Currently, it's a mass of blackberry canes and hedge rose.
Ow x 10.
My poor legs. I see commercials for "sexy summer skin" and I have to laugh. about scratched, scarred summer skin? Bleeding, scabbed summer skin?
That probably wouldn't sell enough self tanner. (Try clearing brush for 4 hours...that'll put a healthy glow on ya).
I'm dotted with neon bandaids. Michael thought it would help me stop bumping my hurt spots. Actually, I'm afraid I'm banging them more...that neon is damned distracting.

We had...a pig loose in the yard. A really big sow. This, after the stray goat trio.
I don't have the words to express how funny I find this!

My uncle dropped off a bucket of tiny chestnut trees...need to find somewhere to plant them. He also dropped off cucumber plants and some onion sets.
YAY more organic goodies! Boo more digging and rock picking!

I better haul my rear rain today, and no reason not to be cutting brush!

OH..have an amazing recipe for lemon cake to post later.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I may not be wealthy, or brilliant..

Or Heidi Klum....

But damn it, I'm GAME!

In our effort to eat and live well, we decided on growing as much organic fruit and veggies as we can. Not so bad, right?
I already have blackberries galore and a peach tree in the front yard.. my mom has apples, pears and plums. We've planted peppe
rs, herbs, squash and tomatoes.
I foolishly commented on how much I missed fresh eggs...and Michael decides I need (yes..I need) chickens "just like you had growing up".
Granted, I loved the turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese we had...I also didn't have the full care of said fowl.
We're talking 6 hens here, not a massive flock, but still.
More Living Beings to care for?!

I'm hoping most of you have never had to clean a chicken coop on a humid summer day...for those that have, my heart goes out to you.
I'm already the plumber, electrician, carpenter, lawn expert, cook, housekeeper, dog-and-cat wrangler, ad nauseum...
This is NOT to say Michael doesn't bust his butt when he's not working..but..he's always working (and I
thank you for it, BabyDarlin!).
We'll see how this goes.
We'll also see if I can maintain a manicure while Hen Wrangling. ;c)